Girl Peeing Under Some Bridge

August 20th, 2012

Girl Peeing Under Some Bridge

Wet in public

Watch this girl peeing under some bridge. When a powerful pissing need causes this sweetheart get out of the cab she doesn’t have definitely enough time to look for a public restroom and simply runs down the stairs below the bridge. She still won’t make it in time as you can imagine from the slurping sounds coming from her shoes and the soaked spots on her blue shorts and striped socks. Poor girl! She ends up peeing herself in public and getting caught on camera. What a embarrassment!

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Girl Pissing Against Wall

August 1st, 2012

Girl Pissing Against Wall in Public

Wet in public

You gotta see this girl pissing against wall in public. So needy trying to find a location to pee and nevertheless not able to do so this blond ends up bending against the structure wall and wetting her trousers in public exactly in the middle of a downtown street. The embarrassment and the pleasure of the moment make this public wetting show truly an memorable one particularly when this girl has to change her panties outdoors revealing her pink twat for the first time in her life.

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Public Wetting Stylish Jeans Girl

July 24th, 2012

Public Wetting Stylish Jeans Girl Ending up in Pleasure

Wet in public

This episode will feature a public wetting stylish jeans girl. Having bought a pair of brand new fairly stylish pants this naive blond was on her way back home while a surprising pissing need switched her special day upside down. With just no place to go she experienced herself too hopeless and disoriented to tolerate the pressure in her bag and ultimately ended up wetting herself in public. What a embarrassment! All those vehicles and locals passing by, they all watched her pissing herself and there was absolutely nothing she could have done about it. In the end the was mixing feelings with shame and sexual pleasure.

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Public Wetting Mini Shorts Girl

July 3rd, 2012

public wetting mini shorts girl full of shame and pleasure

Wet in Public

You are about to witness a public wetting mini shorts girl. It’s hot and great outdoors, and her tiny green colored mini shorts cannot hide the real truth, that this honey has just wet herself in open public. She was on her way back home, after a meeting when a intense peeing urge made her urgently search for shelter. Having found absolutely nothing, and unable to sustain it, she peed in her hot pants, getting them wet in hot urine, and going through this open public self leak experience with a bundled feeling of humiliation and enjoyment.

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Wet herself in public Girl

June 21st, 2012

Wet Herself in Public by accident

Wet in Public

When a powerful and fully unannounced urinating urge makes this chick cross her legs urgently trying to hold her golden nectar inside of her bursting bag she does not care if anybody sees her wet herself in public. A few moments later her pants begin getting soaked as the warmly stream of urine makes its way through her underwear and all the way down her thighs. That is what we refer to as a real public leak happening!

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Peeing Girl with White leggings

June 4th, 2012

Peeing Girl with white leggings

Wet in public

Even with recently bought white leggings feeling smooth and tight this anxious honey can’t keep her pussy from peeing right through her clothing in public.

She does her best to avoid the embarrassment, but she just can’t hold it any longer and with the nearest public restroom closed for repairs she ends up wetting herself right on the street. Poor girl, now the entire world can see her wet leggings and they know it’s not the soft drink she accidentally spilled on em.

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Desperate Sexy Chick Pissing through jeans in public

May 26th, 2012

Desperate Chick Pissing in the Street

Wet in Public

This desperate girl is in a rush to get home because she feels she just can’t control her strong urinating urge, but regardless all her efforts she is not able to make it on time and ends up inclined against the structure wall and leaking right through her jeans.

This open public wetting humiliation makes her want to run away and hide, but she has to change fast because her underwear are too wet to keep walking like that.

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Good mood even after wetting

May 4th, 2012

Wet in Public

Only one additional beer on her way home after an perfect shopping day not to mention this particular pretty amateurish ends up wetting her stylish breeches right found on the street. She typically is desperate to consume a leak not to mention really can t hold it extended sufficient to be able to find a public restroom or simply receive home and also because shortly as the particular first drop of golden juice makes its way into her panties she really provides up, relaxes not to mention enjoys the actual pleasant flow which wets her pants in a blink of an eye. Really look at this particular sweetie! General public wetting didn’t spoil her advantageous mood a bit!

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Piss-wetting on the street

April 8th, 2012

Wet in Public

Drinking water the whole day throughout a city she had been visiting – did this naive woman seriously imagine lose have the ability to locate a restroom inside time before her bladder took just about all control? At present she’s and so desperate to be able to empty her bladder she ends up wetting herself correct found on the street and additionally leaving a swimming pool of piss on the asphalt between her feet. Precisely what a public wetting humiliation! She does it alongside numerous witnesses viewing her and in addition expressing their disapproval.

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Public wetting after the game

April 3rd, 2012

Wet in Public

This blonde woman had too much beer whilst watching the entire game and even rooting for her beloved Reds as well as when a powerful pissing need noticed her off guard on her way house she had no additional selection however, only squat down and additionally urinate right by means of her trousers. Eager situations contact for desperate measures and also with her swollen bladder needing immediate relief wetting herself within public did not seem like the particular worst idea. Appreciate!

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